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There Is Always Something New and Exciting!

That may be true for the world in general, particularly with ‘tech’ – every day a new phone, or something is faster. I am still waiting for a PC that delivers donuts and coffee but they seem to be lagging on that. Anyway, it’s part of what makes life exciting and makes each generation of kids more and more intelligent.

new ideas

One industry that is usually always exciting, and that seems to get a lot of new things continuously, is Internet Marketing, in particular Affiliate Marketing. There are always new programs and it is when they are new that they seem to really attract a lot of new business. They seem to come including more and more functionality every time.

Let’s face it the more things something includes the easier it is going to be to use it. In the distant past there were always the various parts that one needed to run a business, but figuring out how to make them work together was always a big challenge that probably discouraged many. In fact for that matter even with software it was a big nightmare with the various proprietary programs and how they work great but don’t work together with the other programs you already have or you may add in the future.

In a way Microsoft kind of helped with that a lot since they seemed to do everything, and had all the pieces put together; but then again they were one of the chief programs that made compatibility with other programs difficult if not impossible. It seems to have ironed out a lot in this regard somehow. In any case it is always very helpful if things work together. Most marketers are not that interested in the technical aspects and just want to do advertising, marketing and deposit the money!

As they say ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease’ and maybe that is why so many new things are being added to make Internet marketing easier and more fun. I suspect that many people that may have started out to build marketing businesses ended up giving up because there were too many technical details. I also suspect to this day many drop out because it may still seem more involved than it really has to be.

So the smart Internet marketing program, just as in the latter software generations, will do many things for you and they are just automatically included. You don’t even need to think about it!

Start a Business and Get Some Structure Somewhere

When you work for someone else they have their procedures and protocols, many systems, and probably forms, etc. that are just there for you. All you need to do is be trained on how to use them if they are applicable to your job duties. When you start your own online business you have to come up with these things yourself. Not all at once necessarily but as you go.

have a plan

This is one very good reason to join up with another entity like an affiliate program at least until you see what is going on and what all is involved with having an online business. What is the bare minimum structure that you need to start? You will have some idea the day you join a program and get orientated to the program.

In addition to the formal training that will be available either online or in a video or webinar, there are many other places that you can check if you are really interested in what all is involved. It is a real good idea to find the ‘FAQs’ or any other documentation that is available to members so you can learn as much as can. Remember that what you learn in this first endeavor will serve you going forward as well no matter where you end up.

Particularly wonderful are those programs that just do it all for you and map it out so you know where everything is and how to use it. Some of them are really amazing in all that they give, but then they probably understand nobody would do anything if someone doesn’t do everything for them. Hopefully at least the members will take advantage of what is provided at the very least. That would be if they are actually seriously trying to learn how to start a business.

So many people really think of anything online as instant or magical like booting up your PC and ending up at Google! They really have the expectation that they don’t really need to do much in order to start earning money and to become fabulously wealthy. It’s really sad when they realize they are not thinking at all logically for some reason. Maybe ‘wishful thinking’.

Even when the program actually does do an extreme number of things to help you get started in your business, as mentioned above, there are still going to be things that you need to do to participate and to keep your business alive. Make sure you understand that and be ready to jump in anytime!

Keep on Pushing!

When you feel that you have failed in some way or haven’t met your goals how does it make you react? Are you the type to hang back and accept failure, or worse, to wallow in your demise? Many people would react that way at least for a while until they are able to recover their self-confidence.


Then there is another ‘Warrior’ or ‘Ninja’ type that would get mad and fight harder to overcome whatever it is. Maybe with oaths being uttered that they will overcome whatever it is with a vengeance. In either case it is probably a good idea to kick back for minute and ask yourself what happened and why things turned out the way they did. Plenty of the time it is nothing you did or had control over – it Is ‘just the way it is’.

So then we must go on to accept that (for a minute) in order to transcend the various emotions and/or mop up all the spilled milk. A couple points to keep in mind in case you ever find yourself in a situation like this. Feeling bad, like a loser, or blaming yourself (even if you did it) does absolutely nothing to help. It doesn’t change anything and it definitely doesn’t help you get your life spinning back in a positive direction. In fact it has the opposite effect of sending you further back down.

Sans the self-judgment, self-pity, etc., it probably is pretty important to analyze exactly what happened, where when and why. This is only so that you may formulate a better plan next time that has all the good points you had going and terminates the mistakes if possible. Believe it or not this can work for everything from your home business, your day job, your family relationships, and even to your health.

There is a lot of be said about ‘turning over a new leaf’ no matter what the frame of reference. There will more than likely always be a tomorrow and that represents an opportunity to start over and do better. You might consider it a silly analogy but visualize the way you skin your knees or even break your bones and how they do heal if you take the right actions to correct or heal the situation.

So bottom line is ‘never say die’ and never give up. Never. Use your common sense or logic to get your head straight and then do something that involves making a better decision. You would be surprised how the result is better too. By the same token if you keep making the same mistake, you will keep having the wrong result. You just need to determine which is which and it is ok to envision the angel on the shoulder and the other guy opposite. Stick with the angel,

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