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Find Another Way if You Have to but Keep Moving

What can we do when things just seem to turn against us? It definitely isn’t lay down and die and accept that we are in ruination. If we are sick we go to the doctor and try to find a cure. If we are broke we try to find more income. Sometimes that takes a while and a bit of creativity.

dog gone broke

In the meantime though, we can’t keep sinking deeper until things change. We have to take some kind of action. If there is nothing you can do at this moment, and want to keep your good credit rating and honor your contracts with vendors, you may try to reduce expenses.

They seriously are not as ‘hard-nosed’ as you probably imagine. They really want to keep your business and appreciate that you are not just kicking them to the curb. So ask for the Loyalty department or even ask for the department where you cancel and of course don’t, but just let them talk you out of it. It may represent only $5 to $25 here and there for a few months, but it all adds up at the end of the day.

Just saying – do you need the latest, greatest television programs on your cable if you don’t think you can pay your rent? Of course you don’t. Could you take a 500 MB reduction in speed on the Internet if it saved you a few dollars? Of course you could (*if it is decent in the first place).

There is a lot to be said about perception and feelings. You know it may be after you make a bunch of phone calls in desperation you only saved a total $50 a month. That doesn’t help much with the rent but you know what? You will feel better – you will feel like you are going to work it out and $50 might pay the utility bill or something necessary. They will still get their pound of flesh, but you will feel like you are a valued customer because someone negotiated with you and treated you kindly when you were feeling like dirt.

This of course brings us to a good reason to start an online home business right now. Make your computer pay you; make your utilities and your rent pay you back. If you have a business running at home you will see how they will pay you back a percentage of what you spend for them. Check out the US Government (IRS.gov) website on small businesses and see all the expenses you might deduct if you have a business in your home. This is not even to mention how you might have a little savings account generated by your home business to get you through tough times.

Be Sure to Get the Whole Story

Before passing Judgment on a business or even a person, be sure that you know more than what is apparent. Things could be going on behind the scenes that explain perfectly why something has or has not transpired as originally indicated that it would. I think we all know that some unexpected things can happen that we have no control over.

find out the real story

There is sometimes nothing we can do but live with it and hope our friends will still believe in us in spite of it. Really there shouldn’t be such a big difference between a customer and a friend from either side. There should be a degree of trust and tolerance. On the one hand the person should be as transparent with you as possible to explain what exactly happened.

However on the other hand let’s talk about professionalism. Sometimes people can’t be perfectly honest because they are protecting someone or something else’s reputation. No excuse to cover up a crime of any kind no matter who it is, but just in general business circumstances. It also becomes a different, intolerable story if there is always some excuse especially where money is directly involved.

Think of all the people who may have invested themselves and their money in a business. If you ruin the reputation of a business without good reason you may essentially be hurting innocent people and their ability to succeed with that business. So before you do any harm, be sure that you really know what is going on and/or the reasoning behind the change.

For an example let’s say you have a program that is lately constantly not available online. This can get really maddening for one thing and for another it can become suspicious. That is why it is a good idea for the principals to get an email out there explaining the situation as far as they can. ‘We have a problem, we are working on a resolution, and we apologize for the inconvenience’.

However what if they don’t know what the problem is? What if it is some tiny obscure piece of hardware that has burned out and they haven’t discovered where it is? You can’t fix your problem unless you know what it is. It may take a few tries of having experts look at it before you identify it and can start to work on it. Then you tear it all down and put it all back together and hope you didn’t have to order parts from Timbuktu. It’s not instant.

You are doing everything you can but it is just not working. Be sure to keep emailing your people to assure them that you are actively engaged in finding a solution. If you can it might be a really good idea to create a video or hold a webinar so that people don’t feel like ‘oh wow I am paying for this program and can’t even get in’. Try to think of things you can do to keep them from going off the deep end while you fix your problem.

Can You Write Content for Business?

Let me ask you another question. Can you talk? Well then you can write. If you have the ability to carry on a conversation whether verbal or email, etc, then you can write. It is that simple. Yet you see blog after blog that is completely blank or that hasn’t been used in months. This is a huge waste of free marketing and advertising. Why?

write on!

Why? Lazy? Busy? If you are really serious about having your own online business then you have to overcome lazy and busy. If you do, there will be no so-called ‘writer’s block’. You see writer’s block is just not having any ideas about what to write about. But no excuse there either because this is about your business – your experience with learning the ropes of an online business, what you are learning, what you like or don’t like about any particular aspect of Internet marketing; what you would change.

Best of all this is a golden opportunity to introduce people to your product or service. A blog is a perfect place to explain all of the features and benefits of becoming a member or buying a product. You can go into any details you want to about it from basics to more technical. If you don’t have a track record yourself yet, then you can still honestly give a review based on what others have said and be sure to ‘quote’ whoever it is.

There are a million things to write about in the world – just about everything that happens is worth writing about. However again with having a specific subject like an online home business you can even make a list of keywords that you build over time and then you can use them in the topic or subject lines of your document as well as throughout the text or content.

That is the easiest way to get started writing even if you start out with 5 keywords and you build to 10 or 20 and of course don’t forget to create ‘long-tailed’ keyword phrases. An example of this would be if your root key word is ‘home business’ then you can add to that, ‘online home business’, ‘building a successful home business’, ‘making money from home business’ – you get it – phrases that use the root keyword in some meaningful way.

Once you start being aware of this you will be surprised how often you are dragging out your notepad to add another phrase that you can use to write something. They can actually be the subject or topic and you build your composition around them. It’s a very easy way to learn to write well for your business.

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